*Individual virtual exhibitions curated by GaleriaZero - contemporary art.

- The exhibitions will have a duration of 1 month (possibility of prolongation) and are completely 3D and interactive.

- The exhibitions will be professionally mounted with appropriate lay-out, press information and sales resources.

(GaleriaZero does not take sales commission)

- The exhibitions will be promoted in social media - events. ( facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin)

As well by direct mailing , announcements in art magazines and related websites.

- The exhibitions will be made accessible for most browsers (We recommend Chrome)- As well tablet and mobile view.

Your individual virtual exhibition.

Select your space here below


Equivalent to

Width 5m : Length 7 m : Height 3.3m

Display:18 artworks or less


Equivalent to

Width 5m : Length 10 m : Height 3 m

Display: 30 artworks or less


Equivalent to

Width 10m : Length 10 m : Height 3.5m

Display:48 artworks or less


Equivalent to

Width 5m : Length 18 m : Height 3 m

Display:64 artworks or less

APPLY HERE for any of the 4 options
APPLY HERE for any of the 4 options

For the upcoming collective exhibition "PostGeographic", please click the image here below.